Occupational Safety

Işıksan is responsible for creating safe working environments for all its personnel and partners. Işıksan protects the company personnel, third parties visiting the yard or service providers at the same level indiscriminately. It made Occupational Health and Safety the culture of the company, and included local people, neighbors, and all related parties it represents and serves in the Occupational Health and Safety practices without being limited within the boundaries of the facility. Işıksan has adopted the principle of developing its environment while improving itself. Beyond all applicable legal requirements, top-level occupational safety is the priority at Işıksan facilities. The Occupational Safety standard it adopts is beyond legal requirements.

Işıksan's Health and Safety System has been built on three strategic pillars:

  •  Proactive and Risk Based Thinking
  •  Education, Awareness and Competence
  •  Cumulative Improvement

“We make sure everyone is safe while doing their job”

With risk-based thinking and process approach in order to create safe working place and safe work practices, proactive control measures are applied at Işıksan yards for all risks foreseen in all activities of Işıksan.

These measures are established by the joint studies of all process owners and those exposed to risk, as well as Health and Safety Experts who are experienced in risks. Occupational Health and Safety Practices are managed in an organic structure that is constantly fed with new inputs.

“We make sure everyone is a master at what they do”

Internal and external stakeholders are regularly informed by Işıksan about innovations and the latest technologies related to the sector. In addition to the basic information conveyed to protect themselves and their environment, training plans are prepared by adding detailed and technical educations that will increase their professional competencies.

“We ensure that everyone contributes to the system”

Işıksan is a young and dynamic company that grows through learning. Everyone, from experts to department managers, from crane operators to all our teams working on the yard, acts in cooperation to contribute to safe work practices. Işıksan poses as a strong security shield for the environment by combining all its knowledge and experience. It researches the best methods and technologies applicable in its operations and continuously improves its occupational safety system. 

“Stay Safe” is not just a slogan for Işıksan, but also the mainstay of Işıksan's Occupational Health and Safety Culture and practices.